Raising A Reader (RAR) came to 1,000 children in Baltimore, Maryland in 2011 thanks to a generous gift from Target corporation. The very next year, RAR was awarded a federal grant that aimed to bring the program to 12,000 children in Baltimore City Schools. After seeing the success of the program, Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) incorporated RAR into its Race to the Top Early Learning Challenge grant as an evidence-based method for family engagement.  Today, RAR serves 15,000 families across 13 diverse districts and five Head Start grantees in all geographical corners of the state.

Read about the impact Raising A Reader had in Maryland during the 2015-16 school year here: MSDE Evaluation Report.

"My daughter and I read together very often. [Raising A Reader] has helped us bond as well as helped her expand her  vocabulary and understanding of phonics. She has begun to use important questions about what is being read and it has helped her understand many different unique situations. I believe this is a great program that gives students and parents an opportunity to grow!" 

- Parent from Buckingham Elementary School

For more information, contact Rebecca Armstrong at rarmstrong@raisingareader.org | 443-683-1266