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A Message from Raising A Reader about COVID-19
March 30, 2020

Dear Raising A Reader Network,

The Coronavirus pandemic has drastically altered every facet of our lives-from how we live at home, to how we work and how our children are educated.  Education professionals and families are struggling with how to adjust to this new “normal” and what it means for children.  To support our network of trusted Affiliates, families and children, Raising A Reader has launched a series of supports to help the navigation of the challenging times ahead. 

Weekly Townhall Meetings

From now until the end of April, Raising A Reader will host weekly “townhall” meetings.  This is a forum for RAR and Affiliates to share resources, ask questions and network-remember, we’re in this together!  Meetings take place on Friday’s at 11 AM PST/2 PM EST.  Register for the townhall meetings here. 

April 3, 2020

April 10, 2020

April 17, 2020

April 24, 2020

COVID Resources Webpage

Raising A Reader has added a COVID Resources webpage that can be found at https://www.raisingareader.org/resourcehub/covid-19/.  On this page, RAR has curated a collection of resources for Affiliates, Coordinators, families and children that support learning (from apps to social media).  This webpage will be updated with resources weekly.  If you know of a resource that is not listed, please email us at rarinquiry@raisingareader.org.

Affiliate Outreach

Between now and the end of April, our staff will connect with each RAR Affiliate.  Our goal is to connect with, provide resources to, and support our network of 300 partners and the families they serve.

Special Announcements from Partner Organizations

The following is a statement from a group of national early learning and care organizations committed to supporting the childcare industry with information and resources about the COVID-19 economic relief measures passed by Congress. Click here to read statement.

As this pandemic continues to unfold, Raising A Reader remains committed to supporting our Affiliates, families and children.  If you have any questions, please reach out to your trusted portfolio manager or rarinquiry@raisingareader.org.

We are in this together!

Kindest regards,

Michelle Torgerson and the Raising A Reader team