Dear Raising A Reader Network,  

Labor Day often marks the start of the school year.  Some families are setting up home learning environments, while others might be dropping off their little ones at daycare centers or classrooms for socially distanced learning. Whatever the model, educators are navigating new territory and creating new tools to meet their needs. 

RAR is proud to be a resource for educators and parents by providing links to resources including activity calendars, read-alouds, and videos to help parents with shared reading strategies. If you haven’t already explored our online resources, I invite you to check them out (links below).  Let’s kick off the school year with a strong foundation. 

Please join us on Friday for this week’s Town Hall on Zoom. Register here.   

Kindest regards,

The Raising A Reader team 

Going Back Plan Toolkit
The toolkit includes several resources to support program implementation during the COVID pandemic. (Access to the Going Back Plan Toolkit requires Online Affiliate Network login. See your RAR Program Coordinator for details.)

Covid-19 Toolkit
This toolkit features a collection of information and resources requested by the network. The toolkit is updated regularly so check back often.

Disinfecting Materials Flyer
Inventory Spreadsheet
Resource Library
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