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Raising A Reader is excited to be exhibiting at the Region 9 Head Start conference: Family Engagement and Cultural Effectiveness Conference, Oct. 27-30. The conference is designed to celebrate the different cultures, traditions and practices that are reflected in the modern family. In doing so, participants learn how to use the strengths and attributes of culture to aid a child’s own successful walk through the world. In this conference, nationally and internationally known practitioners, researchers and motivational speakers share their knowledge, to teach us and to learn from us, about parent engagement through the lens of cultural awareness. Find out more about how to attend this virtual conference and visit our exhibit booth!

Community cultures are ever-changing as new families move from state-to-state, or from overseas. Creating an inclusive environment is essential if we want every child to succeed. Last week’s Town Hall featured three Affiliates who have found creative ways to serve immigrant and refugee families with the RAR program. Check out the slides and video here. 

This Friday’s Town Hall will have more Affiliates share their best practices for implementing Raising A Reader and reaching families during the pandemic. Please join us by registering here.

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Going Back Plan Toolkit 
The toolkit includes several resources to support program implementation during the COVID pandemic. (Access to the Going Back Plan Toolkit requires Online Affiliate Network login. See your RAR Program Coordinator for details.)

Covid-19 Toolkit
This toolkit features a collection of information and resources requested by the network. The toolkit is updated regularly so check back often.

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